Monster Mash

SKU: 171362 Monster Mash Age:4+

Monster Mash is a comical, colourful game that will appeal to both adults and kids alike! At the press of a button the monster making machine spins each of three picture panels. When it stops, the panels lock into place and show one of the monsters pictured on the cards. Quickly players try to find the matching card and give it a thwack as fast as they can to be the first to “capture” the monster. But be careful… someone might steal your monster!


  • Fun & interactive, multi (2- 4) players
  • Assists with memory, colour/ shape recognition
  • Fun for all the family
  • Great for hand/ eye coordination
  • Vibrant, quirky packaging stands out on shelf
  • “Try me” window on front of pack

How it works:

Monster Mash is a race to see who can catch the most monsters! Simply press down on the monster maker and search for the matching monster card. But you’d better be quick! Thwack to capture your monster, whoever catches five monsters first wins!

Pack includes:

  • 1 Monster maker machine
  • 4 x Thwackers
  • 27 x Monster cards
  • Instructions

Batteries/ assembly not required.

Ages 4 to adult

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