Funlockets Secret Ring

SKU: 171331 Funlockets Age:4+

Colorific is taking unboxing and collecting to the next level giving girls something new to collect, wear and share with Funlockets! Funlockets are fun collectibles full of secrets. Follow the keys, unlock wearable surprises, add to your collection, show them off, share or trade with friends. Find the keys, unlock the mysteries!


  • Funlockets takes unboxing & collecting to the next level: giving girls something new to collect, wear & share!
  • Loads of Ring Styles to collect (2 shapes, 6 colours)
  • 31 Exclusive Charms to Collect

How it works:

  • The starter sparkle key opens the secret ring. What’s inside?
  • Exclusive charms to add to your Funlockets collection!
  • Wear the ring on your finger and move your hand to see the glitterific effect! Ring has free moving glitter inside!

Pack includes:

Each Ring has a Surprise Inside!

  • 1 Tiny Gem Key
  • 1 Popular Charm or
  • 1 Rare Rainbow charm
  • 1 Collector’s Checklist Rare Charms to Unlock!
  • 7 Rainbow charms