Funlockets Secret Jewellery Box

SKU: 171348 Funlockets Age:4+

Colorific is taking unboxing and collecting to the next level giving girls something new to collect, wear and share with Funlockets! Funlockets are fun collectibles full of secrets. Follow the keys, unlock wearable surprises, add to your collection, show them off, share or trade with friends. Find the keys, unlock the mysteries!


  • Funlockets takes unboxing & collecting to the next level: giving girls something new to collect, wear & share!
  • 2 jewellery box styles, 8 charm assortments, 78 charms to collect
  • Rare charms to unlock!
  • Limited edition charms: 1 out of 3 boxes
  • Rare charms: 1 out of 5 boxes
  • Ultra-rare charms: 1 out of 8 boxes

How it works:

  • The starter heart key opens the first drawer
  • The 1st drawer has charms. One is a special pop key charm.. which door or drawer will it open?
  • the pop key charm unlocks the next door to reveal more charms!
  • the 3rd pop key charm opens the drawer with the heart locket! Inside the heart locket you’ll find the special gem key charm!
  • The gem key charm opens the box to reval your charm bracelet or necklace, Funlockets tag and collector’s checklist. Will you get a bonus charm?
  • Find the secret heart drawer and unlock a scented charm! Wear all your charms on your bracelet or necklace, Your collection stores inside the Secret Jewellery Box!

Pack includes:

Each Box has 18 Surprises Inside!

  • 1 Jewelry Box with Mirror
  • 5 Organza bags
  • 1 Starter Heart Key
  • 3 Pop Key Charms
  • 1 Heart Locket
  • 1 Gem Key Charm
  • 3 Popular Charms
  • 1 Scented Charm
  • 1 Charm Bracelet OR Necklace
  • 1 Funlockets logoTag
  • 1 Collector’s Checklist
  • Bonus Charm