Cheeky Chaserz Frantic Frog

SKU: 170549 Cheeky Chaserz Age:4+

Introducing Frantic Frog! Madly looking for his next meal with his long, sticky tongue, this cheeky character has got flies on the prize. Catch him if you can!


  • Cheeky critters that you can chase, tag and connect up!
  • Colourful characters that appeal to both boys and girls, suitable for ages 4 and up
  • Interactive play experience: injecting the Electronic Pet category with fun and active play!
  • Collect and connect: collect them all… link your characters up to form a Cheeky Choo Choo train!
  • 15+ super fun sounds effects: discover hilarious sounds and unexpected interactions!
  • Built in speaker for cheeky sound effects
  • Hi-grip wheels for super speed (just be sure to keep fingers and hair away from rapidly spinning wheels)
  • Robust construction for rough and ready play

How to play with your Cheeky

  • You’ll need a small philips head screwdriver and 2 AAA batteries to get started
  • Once the batteries have been installed, switch your character on and watch it run off in random directions! Chase it and try to stomp on it!
  • Each character has 4 play modes (including 2 secret modes)
  • Play Mode 1: Chase & Stomp: Chase down your Cheeky and wear it out by stomping on it! It’s tiring being chased all day… your Cheeky may wake up yawning and sleepy, so switch on and off to get him going again!
  • Play Mode 2: Charge & Battle: Challenge yourself or an opponent to see whose critter can run the longest! The more you tap the longer your Cheeky will run! The last one still running wins!
  • Secret Mode 1: Cheeky Squeeky: Unlock this mode by pressing down on your Cheeky to discover hilarious sounds!
  • Secret Mode 2: Dance & Freeze: Unlock this mode to take the dance challenge! Listen out for the count down and get ready to dance… when your Cheeky freezes, you freeze. If you move before your Cheeky does, you’re out!

Pack includes 1 Cheeky Chaserz and Instructions.

Batteries not included.

Boys & Girls aged 4+

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